The MacGuffin Men Recap – July 18th to July 22nd

Published on July 22nd, 2011

This week The MacGuffin Men covered all your pop culture bases. We discussed movies (gasp!), comic books, comic  book movies, television, music, sports (real and fake), and even created some original video content.  Awesome, right?

MONDAY: With Friday Night Lights coming to an(other) end, Alex compiled tons of good things to remember it by: interviews, links, montages and, most importantly, hopes that this really isn’t the end either.

TUESDAY: James looked at Batman’s tough but interesting  journey to be in a mature film for adults (not batporn) the way it was meant to be. He highlighted the moral panic that accused of Batman & Robin of a homosexual relationship and led to the campy 1960’s Adam West Batman dynasty. You can also learn why Batman Returns was viewed by the studio who made it as a failure despite being very good and making more than its budget back. And if you were ever wondering what they were considering before they decided on Batman Begins with Christopher Nolan, James has described the alternative projects they were working on, which were even more violent, dark, sexual and depressing than what we got.

WEDNESDAY: Alex hit us two times with a double recommendation this week. Two different but great projects by Rian Johnson are discussed when he hipped us to Brick and The Brothers Bloom. Alex also looked at the Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All, why the unique is causing controversy, and why it shouldn’t matter.

THURSDAY: The Macguffin Men continued their sports podcast trilogy with Part 2, which some are positively comparing to Empire Strikes Back.  This one is all about the business side of sports so it’s what you’re looking for in you’re interested in the business of sports, superteams like the Heat, advertising and the current NBA/NFL lockout situations.

FRIDAY: Alex swung by Songs & Cigarettes and shared some of his thoughts on road trips, as well as a video he shot and edited of his most recent one. Guest contributor Rebecca also debated whether or not it’s more impotant to kick it in the front seat or backseat on a road trip. Get it? Because it was about road trips and posted on Friday? Oh. Those jokes aren’t cool anymore? And haven’t been for weeks? Noted. My apologies.


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