Friday Night Lights Ends… Again.

Published on July 18th, 2011

Alex provides a list of links dealing with the end (and possible continuation!) of Friday Night Lights.

If you’re a Friday Night Lights fan, chances are you write for this blog; there don’t seem to be a lot of us out there. As any show ends, like Friday Night Lights kind of did again (the series finale played on DirectTV in February, was released on DVD in April, but just aired on network television for the first time) this past Friday, my Twitter feed was bombarded with write-ups, reviews, and tearful goodbyes to what is possibly my favourite television show. And since I’m unemployed, I read every single one of them.

When a show ends and these retrospectives happen, it’s always a little frustrating to the people who don’t particularly care about the show in question. I didn’t care what happened with Big and Carrie Bradshaw, and to be honest I don’t completely remember despite somehow having seen both of the movies. I didn’t care that Rachel didn’t go to Paris, although I did enjoy the long rant from my high school history teacher the next day about how, “In real life, Rachel goes to Paris.” I will not care about the final tally of Pam and Jim’s babies. But I care what happens to Coach and Mrs. Coach, and I wanted to see how Tim Riggins’ story ended. So in this case, I must thank a number of professional writers who share similar interests with me for keeping me busy. And for those of you with jobs (you know, like real people have), I have compiled some of the more interesting reads on the show here.

If you can only read one of the links here, I highly, highly recommend Grantland’s oral history of the show. You’ll learn plenty you didn’t know, get reminded of how damn cool Kyle Chandler seems, and get to read about how Michael B. Jordan could actually hang with the semi-pro football players used for the game scenes, despite not being the proper build for a QB. (I mean, I love Vince, but the guy was 5’6” at the most.)

There are also a few good interviews being replayed over at NPR, featuring interviews with Peter Berg, Kyle Chandler, and Connie Britton. They’re all worth hearing, although you will not be any less in love with Connie Britton after listening.

The Daily has also put together a decent list of the most emotional moments in the show, although whittling a show like Friday Night Lights down to five moments will inevitably cause some powerful scenes to be forgotten (specifically Smash’s final appearance). However, two of my favourites make the cut (the “everybody leaves me” scene in season 2, specifically), and there is video of Matt Saracen’s breakdown at the Taylor dinner table.

AV Club has a pair of interesting pieces: first, an interview with Michael B. Jordan (Vince Howard) and then through their Pop Pilgrims series, they go and take a look at many of the locations in Dillon, Texas. If you live around Austin and you someday see me lying on an empty football field in the fetal position, whimpering, just leave me be. I’ll be okay.

Austin: We visit fictional Dillon, TX, home of Friday Night Lights

You can also check out something I wrote back in February about dealing with the ending of Friday Night Lights, and there will hopefully be a podcast coming in the next month or two where Travis and I break down the show, from what we like about it (almost everything), to what we don’t (Santiago).

And with Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler, and Friday Night Lights itself being nominated for Emmys, this will not be the last of the show you hear in the coming months. There is a book coming out that looks interesting, and then of course Peter Berg has given me my version of the hopeless Arrested Development movie by saying that he is looking to make a feature film about the Taylors’ new life. Sign me up, Coach.

Oh yeah, I forgot a couple things. First, Tami Taylor says y’all a lot.

Second, Coach can get you fired up for anything. Here’s a compilation video of Coach’s speeches, cut together by Vulture. I slept about 3 hours last night and watching this makes me feel like I could kick the shit out of Wladimir Klitschko right now. STATE.



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