Published on January th, 2012

At the MacGuffin Men, we take our work seriously. We might be doing unserious things, such as taking three full episodes to adequately break down the Scream quadrilogy, but we kind of work hard at that. We are also – to quote somebody who liked Gordon Gecko like we enjoy Christopher Nolan – looking to ‘expand the brand.’

We are planning a series of (short!) MacGuffin Men video podcasts, and we want to do them in extremely high quality. Nobody wants to watch another podcast of two people sitting in front of a stationary camera with no cuts… trust us, our faces are not that interesting to look at.

However, quality costs money. So if you enjoy our podcast, and feel that the enjoyment you get out of James’ (legitimately humourous) weekly jokes and Alex’s (legitimately worrisome) weekly ramblings about Michael Bay are worth a little bit of your money, please donate below. All of the money will go back into the podcast – there are costs to maintain the hosting of the website, and we’re looking to invest in a second microphone to enhance the audio quality of our podcasts.

So, yeah. We would love it if you could donate, but we certainly won’t delete you from our friends list on Facebook if you don’t. (But as a heads up, we might start charging a buck or two for older episodes in the future, so download them for free while you still can. You’ve been warned.) DONATE BELOW PLZTHX WE LOVE YOU.