HOLLYWOOD RECAP: February 13th – February 19th

Published on February 20th, 2012

Alex and James look at the week in Hollywood, because cracking jokes about LiLo is too easy to pass up.

Safe House narrowly edged out The Vow to top the box office this weekend. Which is coincidental, because Safe House continues to reaffirm the vow Denzel Washington made years ago to exclusively play morally ambiguous badasses.

People like Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, and Ed Asner have been announced as upcoming guest stars on Hot in Cleveland, further cementing the show’s reputation as THE place to see actors you thought were already dead.

Pictured: Somebody who is totally still alive.

Alexander Payne, the director of The Descendants, said this week while accepting an award for the film, that film editing is disguising how bad a film really is… So I guess somebody forgot to edit Warrior.

Whitney Houston’s funeral took place on Friday. The service was aired on Sirius XM Radio which, given the somber tone of the event, was a much more tasteful choice than Just Goofin’ Around JK Radio.

It has come to light that the British intelligence was spying on Charlie Chaplin in the 1950s, at the request of the FBI, including watching his home and tapping his phone lines. The files have been made available to the public, but they contain no one speaking, just old timey piano music.

Saturday Night Live announced last night that Lindsay Lohan will host its March 3rd episode with Jack White. It is as yet unknown whether ‘Jack White’ refers to the musician formerly of the White Stripes or if that’s just a nickname for Lohan’s stash of cocaine.

Also, this.


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