Welcome to version 2.0

Published on June 27th, 2011

Or to our fellow Mean Girls fans, “Jambo!”

We got rid of the ‘.wordpress’. Excited? We hope you don’t miss it too much; we decided to trade it in for a new layout that doesn’t look like a PowerPoint slide from a lecture about how shitty the Internet was in 1996. As such, we are no longer embarrassed to tell people that our website actually exists. Unless you’re blinder than Matthew Broderick deciding whether or not Sarah Jessica Parker is hot, the new format should be pretty obvious. Less apparent are some of the other changes we made to the site, so allow us to explain.

On top of our usual article we post every Tuesday, and the weekly podcast on Thursday, we’re adding more content, so we’ll have something new for you guys and gals on the other weekdays as well. On Mondays and Fridays, we’ll have a link to something we found that we think is interesting. Did you miss Salon’s cool collection of videos about Terrence Malick’s films? How about this Vanity Fair oral history of The Simpsons? Or this cool Rotten Tomatoes breakdown Slate did? Such awesomeness will no longer slip by our visitors. It will basically be like Digg, except we have much higher standards than that link slut.

On Wednesdays, we will post a movie recommendation of something that we feel is either underseen or underappreciated. As you can see in Alex’s first recommendation, we feel kind of weird giving recommendations; we just love some of these movies too much to not try to convince other people to watch them. While we realize that these recommendations will either read as reviews (which Alex hates) or us forcing our opinions on you (which James is tired of Alex doing), we’ll make them interesting, somehow. Probably through comedy, or failed attempts at it.

Beyond that schedule, we’ll occasionally be doing some actual ‘blogging’ anytime one of us comes up with something we want to write about, but don’t want to think about for a week and write 4000 words on it. So next time Charlie Sheen ‘Charlie Sheens’ (remember that? Good times), we will be ready to put the metaphorical 6 gram rock in the pipe and go go go. This will give Alex a chance to probably write about hip-hop some more, and give James a place to live out his fantasy of an Arrested Development movie actually happening. The slider at the top of our home page will hold our latest podcasts and longer articles, while all the other new posts will be listed on the front page just below. You can also see all of the posts in any given category by clicking on the appropriate selection on the menu above the slider.

If there’s anything you want to ask, suggest, or comment on, there are a few ways to get in touch. Of course you can comment right on the site, review us on iTunes, or send us an email at themacguffinmen@gmail.com. You can also tweet us like Wheatus and, in exchange, we’ll promise not to use that reference ever again. Our handle is @themacguffinmen, and there you’ll get a tweet whenever we post some original material, as well as our ultra-short movie reviews and the occasional 140 character nugget of hilarity. We won’t tweet all of the links we find, so as to not spam the shit out of you (we’re looking at you, Ariana). You can expect a lot of new MacGuffin Men content this week: in addition to Alex’s already-posted blog about The Simpsons, that first recommendation, and a couple links, you can be on the lookout for a new article tomorrow, another recommendation Wednesday, two new podcasts on Thursday, and a new article by Alex over at Songs & Cigarettes.

Enjoy the new site, and thanks for reading and/or listening to us.



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