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Hollywood Recap: January 9th – 15th « The MacGuffin Men

Hollywood Recap: January 9th – 15th

Published on January 15th, 2012

James and Alex kick-off a new feature, recapping and cracking jokes about the week in Hollywood news.

Welcome to The MacGuffin Men’s weekly entertainment news recap, where James and Alex follow all the entertainment sites on Twitter and recap them for you so you can do things like ‘have a job’ and still be up to date on Hollywood.

It was announced this week that Goodfellas is coming to AMC as TV series. The show will be produced by Nicholas Pileggi, who wrote both the original book Wiseguy and the screenplay for Goodfellas. No word yet on whether Eric Clapton can write a weekly, overrated song that is too long that will eat up a third of the screen time for each episode.

The Police Academy remake now has a director, which is probably good news for the obligatory cameo paycheque Steve Guttenberg is counting on. But now that someone is in charge of the Police Academy remake, can we find someone to put in charge of Hollywood so they DON’T MAKE A POLICE ACADEMY REMAKE.

"Back off guys, I obviously need this remake to happen."

The Devil Inside Me broke records and defied expectations by making 34.5 million at the box office despite awful reviews. The film currently has an F rating on many aggregate sites yet took out the well-liked Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol from the top spot. Some have noted the creepiest thing about this moneymaker no one seems to like is that it was released the same week Nickelback announced a huge North American tour.

Tim Tebow’s miraculous season may have caused the insider reports stating Saturday Night Live wants him to host as soon as the season is over. The history of the show contains a number of athletes, few who make for a great host. I predict he will stumble through the first hour of the show and then get it all together and dominate the last sketch, followed by a Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless argument about his comedic ability.

The Friends with Kids trailer came out this week. Finally, a movie for everyone who thought the only thing that would make Bridesmaids funnier would be Megan Fox… You’re welcome, nobody.

As for trailers people are actually interested in, the trailer for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom was released on Thursday. Dear people who cut trailers, please note how it doesn’t spoil the whole fucking movie.

The Creator of the Show 2 Broke Girls caused a controversy this week by saying the raunchy humour found in the show was acceptable because he’s gay. After news of the comment spread, the creator stood by his point, but most others are adamant that nothing in that show can be considered humour.

"When do I get to go shoot Thor 2?"

JJ Abrams has announced that Star Trek 2 will be released in 3D. Critics have already called the film “The perfect summer movie for people who wonder what it would look like to be stabbed in the eye with a lens flare!”

Michael Bay released a video detailing the features of the limited edition Transformers trilogy box set. There are 5000 personally signed collections being produced, which probably means somebody involved in Bay’s supply and demand miscalculated by 4999… Alex is the only person that wants one of these.

Michael Bay Showcases Transformers Blu-ray Limited Edition from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Horrible Bosses 2 has been announced. The heads-up will give me enough time to store up sympathy in case Charlie Day once again gets constantly propositioned by the world’s sexiest woman.


Axl Rose served four days of jury duty in Santa Monica, California this week. It was scheduled to be a one day trial, but Rose’s perfectionistic tendencies turned everything into a 12 Angry Men situation. Sorry you had to miss the ball game, Jack Warden. Maybe next time justice won’t be in the hands of the dude who took 15 years to make Chinese Democracy.

It was announced that Avatar 2 won’t be coming out until OH MY GOD I DON’T FUCKING CARE I HOPE IT NEVER COMES OUT.

The first picture of Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy, as spin-off character Aaron Cross, has been released. For a film The MacGuffin Men are legitimately excited about, this is pretty much the most boring way Universal could stoke that fire.

Pictured: A promo pic that exists, does nothing else.

Pictured: OHMAGAWDEXCITING. Nice work, Warner Brothers... Universal, take notes.

Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to star in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Pinocchio, an offer Downey has still not figured out it is just a bad prank by Burton, who is probably trying to make fun of his addiction problems. You’ve got a long way to go before you’re pranking like Clooney, Tim. Plus, his pranks don’t make fun of people’s substance abuse problems, which is just kind of low.

Also, this.


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