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HOLLYWOOD RECAP: January 30th – February 5th « The MacGuffin Men

HOLLYWOOD RECAP: January 30th – February 5th

Published on February 5th, 2012

Alex and James break down the news of Hollywood from this past week and make fun of Hugh Grant a little.

The Rock did an interview this week that might be the best interview ever in the history of recorded conversation. We have no joke here, it’s just great. Do you want to finally know what The Rock is cooking? “Glad you asked, Stuart…”

There seems to be some trouble with the production of the new Bridget Jones film, Bridget Jones’ Baby, as Hugh Grant has decided to leave the film just weeks before production was scheduled to start. Apparently he was unhappy with the script, which probably means that this is the first time Hugh Grant has ever read the script for a film he’s in.

Early reviews of American Reunion, the latest entry into the American Pie series, have been largely positive. The film had early screenings in New York and Los Angeles earlier this week and this reviewer even stated that it “Lived up to [his] every expectation!” Unfortunately, he had the same expectations that most of us have: that the movie will blow.

J.J. Abrams is producing a sci-fi apocalypse show for the upcoming pilot season. Apparently, Abrams wants to make sure he has a new show on the air by the time everybody forgets Alcatraz exists.

Stop pretending that you knew Fringe was still on the air.

James Cameron bought a farm in New Zealand this week. Seeing inspiration for his next film, director Cameron Crowe instantly optioned the rights to the story as a pseudo-sequel to his recent film We Bought A Zoo. Because the only way to make We Bought A Zoo look less appealing would be if it was about James fucking Cameron.

The Hollywood Reporter said this week that Paramount is closing a deal to produce a 3D Katy Perry concert film. So if you’ve ever wanted to see Perry’s giant, exaggerated, infantilizing eyelashes batting right in your face, it’s almost your time.

Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin signed on to star in an action-comedy entitled Stand Up Guys. The film is being produced by Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, who say it is their antidote for franchises like Twilight and The Hunger Games. “Oh, you want your movies to be slick and sexy, starring hot young stars? Fuck that. We’re making an old, gross, wrinkly action movie. We know you saw the way Space Cowboys turned Hollywood on its head a decade ago.”

Also, this.


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