We’re really lazy.

Published on September 8th, 2011

If this coming week on the website were a Berenstein Bears book, it would be called The MacGuffin Men Take a Week Off.

So, yeah, we’re lazy, and are taking a week and a half off. Luckily, we have produced so much material that we have (barely) found something to repost for each day of our short hiatus. We’re not going to pull a Hilary Duff and put out a real greatest hits record after only releasing two albums’ worth of material, but we are definitely going to rerun that thing Alex wrote on Hilary Duff. And four other articles, and two podcasts. If you haven’t been checking in with us daily, check back throughout this and next week to simply look through the things that we think don’t suck. And if you do check the site daily, hopefully you agree with our choices. New material will start again on September 19th, when Alex will surely have some new pop star to write about, or James will tell us of his time camping out at TIFF trying to get John Hawkes’ autograph.


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