The MacGuffin Men Recap – August 15th to August 19th

Published on August 19th, 2011

Did you miss anything this week? Well, it’s time to play catch up.

MONDAY: James takes a look at the idea of a fourth Austin Powers movie suddenly willing itself into existence. Is this an idea worth pursuing? Are we ready for those catchphrases again?

TUESDAY: Alex realizes that he eats the same thing every day, which for some reason lead him to write about the cultural value of Matthew Lillard, the late 90s C-list actor (or A-lister if you were 13 in 1999). Alex also discusses what your ice cube tray says about you, and how he realized that he actually doesn’t like Lillard as much as he thought he did.

WEDNESDAY: Alex recommends The Savages, the great 2007 film that seemed to get washed away by the general greatness of film that year. Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman star in a movie that does a rare thing in movies: focuses on the characters over concept.

THURSDAY: This week’s podcast was the epic conclusion to our trilogy of sports podcasts. It’s like X-Men: The Last Stand! Except it doesn’t suck. We look at the culture of sports fans, argue a little about religion, and Alex explains why he’s jealous of really passionate sports fans. Even non-sports fans will enjoy this podcast, as it’s mostly about why people care about sports.

FRIDAY: Alex looks back on the summer that was in cinema. He walks through the summer months with links to our posts throughout the summer, as well as providing new commentary on what he did and didn’t like throughout the summer. Look back, and then Alex tells you why September at the movies is far better than people tend to give it credit for.


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