The MacGuffin Men Recap – July 9th to July 15th

Published on July 16th, 2011

This week, we have a new podcast, new articles, links, recommendations and a picture of a sexually aggressive wookie. Here’s what you may have missed.

Saturday: James examines Jon Hamm’s double life as a smooth, dramatic actor and hilarious, SNL-hosting jokester.

Monday: Travis gave us his take on why the big business of superheroes is no longer in comic books. Louis C.K., the comedian’s comedian is interviewed by the AV Club.

Tuesday: Alex questioned if a movie dies when it stops being important to us (with a focus on Reservoir Dogs, Narc, and The Colour of Money).

Wednesday: Alex recommended Going the Distance, a good movie written off for the wrong reasons.

Thursday: New podcast about Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy’s endlessly entertaining street art documentary. If you don’t know Banksy this is a great intro. (No vampires mentioned!)

Friday: James looks at 5 of his favourite behind the scenes photos and discusses the appeal of productions photos.


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