The MacGuffin Men Recap – June 27th to July 3rd

Published on July 4th, 2011

Our first week in review, in case you missed anything.

This was our first week with the new look and our content output now on steroids, so we started off the week with an explanation of  what’s new, what you can expect and when from now.

MONDAY: Alex shares Explosions in the Sky’s new and first ever video which somehow managed to meet even his very high expectations. He also found an AV Club piece about what we expect from celebrity interviews (free picture of Prince included!) Then we tackled the issue of how an incredibly revered media institution can simultaneously be despised with a brief look at the current consensus on The Simpsons. And finally, Alex let everyone know what they’re missing out on if they haven’t seen In Bruges.

TUESDAY: Alex examined what he, and everyone one else, will hope to find in the new Nas, and other unrealistic expectations we build up for our favourite artists. Since that post, Nas has leaked a collaboration he did with Common, in which Nas kills his verse. He’s taking it back to ’94!

WEDNESDAY: Alex recommended Sugar, a great sports movie for non sports fans. Of course, Transformers 3 came out Wednesday so once we put our minds back together, we needed to address it. We began with an oral history of Michael Bay, appropriately provided by Gentlemen’s Quarterly.  Then Alex got onto the new movie itself with a quick road trip to our friends at Songs & Cigarettes.

THURSDAY: Over the next little while we will be slowly releasing our sports podcast trilogy. On the 30th, we released part one, which focused on sports as a game and we break down the most popular sports, their unique rules and what players have to think about. Of course this put our precious nerd status in danger so we simultaneously released another podcast about comic books. So we’re cool, right nerds?

FRIDAY: James was brave enough to enter the dark and dangerous world of movie blurbs to shed some light on some of movie marketers’ dirtier tricks. James also gave us some links about those infamous eyes of Steve Buscemi and explains why HBO is the most appropriate, and probably only place, for “that guy” to become a leading man.

Stay tuned this week for some new, potentially-not-totally-boring content!


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