Episode 27: Jack Kirby Got Jobbed

Published on June 30th, 2011

In this episode, we change up the format a little bit. With James away on a spiritual assignment in order to recharge his Chi, Alex brings in The MacGuffin Men’s Senior Comic Books Specialist, Travis, to discuss comic books and their corresponding movies. Topics include the Marvel movie universe, the DC Comics brand reset, and also, somehow, about how offensive Chasing Amy is in 2011. At least that movie is kind of about comics.

Episode 27: Jack Kirby Got Jobbed

Also, the mp3 version can be found here.

As discussed, here is a picture of Peter Parker, as drawn by Steve Ditko. Travis says Tobey Maguire’s casting was initially perfect due to his resemblance to this type of Spidey, but Travis also explains that Maguire would eventually hurt the character more than help it.


  1. Posted by Max on July 12th, 2011, 18:13 [Reply]

    Great cast guys. All i can think about now is who would be less likely to have a cell phone than Thor. I’m thinking THOR would have one cause he’d have no choice, how else could they contact him? I’m thinking Doc Strange? Ironman (embedded cellphone in his head not counting as a cell phone?) maybe Wolverine cause he seems like a Luddite.


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