Episode 24: Elle Fanning is Going to be a Star

Published on June 16th, 2011

In Part 1 of this spoiler-heavy discussion, we look at the new JJ Abrams movie Super 8. We make some comparisons to Spielberg films (more of that next week), discuss the way blockbusters have changed, and Alex points out why he really liked the metaphor in the Super 8 macguffin. More Spielberg talk next week!

Episode 24: Elle Fanning is Going to be a Star

And for those of you who prefer our voices with some mp3 compression, you can get that here.

CORRECTION: James states in the podcast that Steven Spielberg has top billing on promotional materials, which is untrue. JJ Abrams does have top billing on all posters, but on most of the ads for Super 8 Steven Spielberg’s name is just below Abrams’ in only a slightly smaller font. Close enough.

We have a wealth of interesting articles about Super 8, as the media seems to go nuts over any new Abrams project. First we have a guide to the Spielberg references in Super 8, which adds to the list that we outline in the podcast. The New York Times Magazine also ran a really good piece about JJ Abrams, and Movieline posted interesting interviews with Joel Courtney and Riley Griffiths who play Joe and Charles, respectively. Courtney coyly lets us know that he wants to kiss his female co-star, and Riley Griffiths seems like the type of film nerd we would get along with.


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