Episode 13: The Men Who Stare at G.O.A.T.

Published on March 17th, 2011

In this episode, we look at Michael Jordan’s career as a advertising, media and sports icon. We look at his basketball accomplishments, but focus more on what Jordan did for basketball and media. We’ll be back to movies next week, promise.

Episode 13: The Men Who Stare at G.O.A.T.

And here’s the mp3.

Here is the trailer for Spike Lee’s first movie out of film school, “She’s Gotta Have it.” This is the trailer that eventually lead to Lee’s involvement with MJ and Nike.

The Shrug.

The Shot.

Here is Scottie Pippen’s dunk over Patrick Ewing. Note how Pippen walks over to Spike Lee – a vocal Knicks fan – and tells him to “sit down, bitch.”

Yeah, yeah, we’re giving out free advertisement to Jordan and Nike. Well, when your ads are this good, we’ll post them too. Here is Alex’s favourite from the ‘Become Legendary’ campaign.

Here is the Gatorade commercial, where an aging Michael Jordan plays against a younger version of himself.

LeBron James kind of demolished his public image this past summer. This is Nike’s response to that.

And here is the Michael Jordan ad, “Maybe it’s my Fault.” Seriously, these ads are so good.


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